Results of tonight’s Board meeting regarding the deed restriction variance request

Tonight’s meeting was well-attended by several members of the neighborhood. All had the opportunity to listen to the Deed Restriction Committee’s case, as well as the affected homeowner. There were some very good discussions and questions raised regarding the situation. At the end of the meeting, the Board voted the following: 1 vote for granting the exception, 2 votes against the exemption and to uphold the deed restrictions, and 1 abstain. No majority from the Board. Next option for the homeowner is to appeal to the general neighborhood at our next General Meeting in August.

1849 Portsmouth deed restriction appeal

From Rebekah El-Hakam, Deed Restriction Chair:

Dear RPCA Members,
REMINDER: The Board is having a special meeting this Wednesday, June 9, to consider a deed restriction appeal by the homeowner of 1849 Portsmouth who erected a fence in violation of the 20 foot setback in our deed restrictions. The homeowner is appealing enforcement of the setback restriction. His appeal is set for 7pm at the home of RPCA President Laura Mullen, 1922 Lexington. The Board meeting is open to all RPCA members. Before the hearing closes, members will have an opportunity to speak (2 minutes each.) If you have not paid your dues this year and are interested in speaking, RPCA treasurer, Larry Wood will be accepting dues payments ($25.) Please arrive early to sign up to speak. Your input is encouraged. The meeting will begin promptly at 7pm.
DRC Chair