Street Sign Toppers

In previous general meetings, the majority of residents have expressed interest in buying “sign toppers” for our street signs. The sign toppers are metal decorations that would be mounted to the top of all Richwood Place street signs to help define the neighborhood.

Cliff Helmcamp found a terrific quote from a sign shop in Louisiana that will produce all 15 of our signs for a fraction of the cost of previous bid:

15 18×14″ custom cut 3mil aluminum composite double sided signs, printed vinyl with laminate protection, full color – $480
15 18×14″ custom cut & painted .080 aluminum with RTA vinyl signs – limited to color and detail – $645

Remaining issues:

  • We will need to get permission from the city to install the sign toppers.
  • We need a logo/design that we own or that is within the fair uses of the license.
  • We need to agree if the design, sign, and installation costs will come out of the general budget or if signs will be sponsored by a resident.
  • We need to find and engage a contractor to do the installation.

If you are interested in assisting with any of the above items, please contact Cliff or reply to thie post. We can further discuss our plans at the October 5th National Night Out on the 1800 block of Norfolk.