Cilantro Dip Recipe!

Many of you requested the recipe for the cilantro dip shared by Jim Sampson at the neighborhood block party.  By popular demand, here it is.  Enjoy!

Cilantro Dip

2             *Bunches cilantro (3 if they are small)
1             Cup corn oil
1             Slice onion
1 or 2     Garlic pods
1             Egg (raw)
8             Teaspoons vinegar
1 ½         **Knorr chicken bouillon cubes
1             Pinch sugar

Just put it all in a blender and mixed at high speed

*Break off the long ends of the stalks just below the leaves and put the rest in (too much stalk will make it bitter)

**The Knorr product comes in a little yellow box and can be found at Fiesta.  The original recipe called for 2 cubes, but this was too salty for my taste.

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