Whole Foods will soon open new location in Montrose has the latest Green features on every aisle

When it rains, water is collected off the roof to be used later for irrigating the grounds. Old apple crates and other reclaimed wood are used as wall coverings. And when sensors detect enough daylight is shining through the ceiling’s 48 skylights, the electric lights are dimmed.

At the new Whole Foods in Montrose, even the huge parking lot out front was built with the environment in mind.
The 45,000-square-foot store, which opens Wednesday at the corner of Waugh and West Dallas, will have a number of embellishments meant to save energy and the environment.

The $18 million building was designed by Austin’s Stone Soup 6 Architecture in conjunction with Whole Foods and built by Journeyman Construction.

Located at 701 Waugh, the new Whole Foods is just a few miles from the company’s store on Kirby. It’s also a bit larger than the Kirby store and has 100 more parking spaces.

Spokeswoman Kimberly Crowder said the new location will help serve neighborhoods the Kirby store hasn’t been able to capture.
“It’s like three minutes from everywhere,” Crowder said. “It’s kind of the urban heartbeat of Houston.”
Whole Foods said the Montrose store is its greenest in this market.

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