A New Home in Richwood Place, 1850 Norfolk

Construction has begun on a brand new single family home in the 1800 block of Norfolk on a 8625 square foot lot. Developer, Carol Isaak Barden is developing the home.

She recently sent us this photo which gives us a glimpse as to what things will eventually look like. Carol says she is working to make the home very “green.” Once all of her vendors are solidified, she’ll send us more photos and she’ll have a sign posted on the property with further details. We welcome Ms. Barden to our neighborhood!

1850 Norfolk, currently under construction

To read more about Carol and her company and to see photos of some of her other projects, visit: http://www.carolisaakbarden.com/

History of Properties in Richwood Place

Ever wondered about the history of your home? Who lived there before you? Has your house changed a lot over the years?

In February of 2010, Daniel Baker, the current Vice President of the Civic Association posted information about his experience locating some of the history of his home. Daniel’s post can be found here: http://home.richwoodplace.org/2010/02/28/historic-information-and-resources/

I followed the links from Daniel’s post, requested and received information on my house as well. The information included the names of previous owners, the appraised value at various times in history and a picture of the house. The above image from the year 1964 was a part of the file images I received. It was a very easy process. So, click the links and find out more about the history of your home. It could prove to be very interesting!

A view of our home, from the year 1964

Our house, today, from the same view


General Meeting Minutes


July 12, 2011, 7pm-8pm

General Meeting Minutes

Zoe’s Kitchen, 3701 S. Shepherd

Meeting Start time:  7:00 p.m.

Number of Attendees:  28 neighbors, including all six board members


David Robinson (7:04 p.m.)

Following a brief introduction of David shared his personal history with involvement in protecting and enhancing our Houston neighborhoods, from in his local civic group all the way up to his current position of President of the Houston Superneighborhood Alliance.  He congratulated Richwood Place for the approval of the Minimum Lot Size (MLS) application for the 1900-2000 Block of Norfolk.  Now running for the office of Houston City Council At-Large Position #2 he looks forward to working with local neighborhoods in protecting our unique charm and heritage.

David fielded a number of questions from the civic association ranging from road conditions to red light cameras.

Old Business (7:18 p.m)

a)    1857/1901 Richmond – in our efforts to improve security and safety at the corner of Hazard and Richmond we worked with local business leaders to install a wrought iron fence behind the property to hopefully cut down on any illegal activity.  Local neighbors have volunteered their time to improve the lighting and general upkeep of the area.  Residents are reminded that if they observe any suspicious activity in the area to call the Houston Police Department non-emergency number at 713-884-3131 (what a great time to put this number in your mobile phone directory!).

b)    Security Update – Safety training was held on July 19th at 7:00 pm at Home of Larry Wood – 1823 Portsmouth.

c)    Sign Toppers – A new design capturing the essence of the signature bridges over 59 on the south side of our Neighborhood were shared.  They look great and we are working with a fabricator for cost estimates and timing.  Local realtors in the area have graciously agreed to pay for the signs.  When you bump in to them, say thanks and keep an eye out for the new signs.

d)    Ervan Chew Park improvements – we continue to work with the city to improve the appearance of the park.  It looks like drainage improvements around the soccer field will begin sometime in August!

e)    By-laws update – Rebekah shared some highlights of the new by-laws that were approved at the last meeting.  The updates include strengthening the language around deed restrictions enforcement and clarifying some of the roles and responsibilities of the board members.  The most recent copy of the by-laws can be found on www.richwoodplace.org.

New Business (7:28 p.m.)

a)    Minimum Lot Size for 1900-2000 Block of Norfolk – APPROVED by the planning commission and we can expect word from the City Council in the next couple of weeks.   Congrats to all the neighbors who helped out with the application and a special thanks to those who came out to the Planning Commission’s hearing.  Our presence made a difference!

There are three more blocks that are without a Minimum Lot Size or a Minimum Building Line Setback.  They include:  1700 block of Lexington, the 1900-2000 block of Portsmouth, and the north side of the 1800 block of Portsmouth.  If there are any neighbors on those blocks that want to look into these applications please contact any one of the board members.

b)    Socials – Over the past few years the 1800 Block has hosted the National Night Out events.  In previous meetings other neighbors have expressed interest in having the party on their block.  If you are interested, you have a lot of neighbors that are willing to help, please contact any one of the board members.  If not, we will see this October for National Night Out on the 1800 block of Norfolk!

c)    Membership – neighbors are reminded to join their civic association and pay their dues.  Information as to dues and how to pay them online can be found at www.richwoodplace.org.

Block captains – are responsible for communication information between the RPCA and residents on a given street. The block captains meet with residents on their block, distribute flyers, raise neighborhood awareness, and more.  Below is the current list of block captains but if you are interested in becoming one for your block or even just letting your current block captain know you can be there to help either contact them directly or contact one of the board members.


Block                  Name     

1800 Portsmouth            Chris Anger

1900 Portsmouth            Gaelyn Lesher

1700 Norfolk            Jeffrey Kolb & Mary Jane Black

1800 Norfolk            Cliff Helmcamp

1900 Norfolk            Brian Kilpatrick

1700 Lexington            Claudio and Lee Pineda

1800 Lexington            John Geiss

1900 Lexington            Liuda and Gustavo Flores

Treasurer Report (7:38 p.m.)

Year to date we have received $975 dollars in dues.  To date, we have spent $1181 on security ($675, gate behind businesses on Richmond), neighborhood parties ($346, Spring Party), and dues to the Neartown Association ($100) leaving a balance of $2382.

Meeting Adjourned at 7:40 p.m.



Richwood Place Meeting – Today at 7pm


Please join us at Zoe’s Kitchen tomorrow (Tuesday) evening from 7-8pm for a Richwood Place Civic Association meeting.

We will be discussing crime/security, neighborhood watch, deed restrictions, sign toppers, minimum lot size, and any new issues that you’d like to raise. Additionally, David Robinson (President of Neartown/Montrose Superneighborhood) is running for Houston City Council and will be introducing himself to the neighborhood.

Daniel Baker
1827 Norfolk
Vice President
Richwood Place Civic Association