SIGN TOPPERS! and many thanks!

Here are some photos of the sign toppers being installed in late October. These signs really look amazing. Thank you to all who helped install them. Especially Andrew Stefaniak for leading the team. Thank you to Moustapha El-Hakam for the great design and to Cliff Helmcamp for being instrumental in having the signs fabricated. We have many neighborhood realtors to thank for paying for the signs:

John Daugherty Realtors  – Jim Smith.

Greenwood King Properties – Ruth Adams and Cliff Helmcamp.

Heritage Texas Properties  – Jerry Blum and Suzie Herring.

Modern City Properties – Lisa Thompson.

New Leaf Realty – David Houston.

Thank you all for your contribution to our great neighborhood. Your neighbors appreciate you!

I also want to thank Andrew Stefaniak for installing our new neighborhood watch signs. They look amazing. Last year the Neighborhood Watch team logged 723 volunteer hours patrolling our great neighborhood. Great job everyone! Special thanks to Sue Bailey and Larry Wood for keeping our Neighborhood Watch group organized.

Happenings in and around the neighborhood…

Good afternoon, neighbors! Hope you are all keeping dry out there on this wet March day.

I just wanted to send out some updates about things that are going on and have been going on in the neighborhood.
We had our first general meeting of the year on Tuesday, February 21 from 7-8pm at Zoe’s Kitchen. There were approximately 20 residents in attendance. We also had a visit from Council member Ellen Cohen’s chief of staff.

Some of the topics we discussed included: Security, CIP plan, Deed Restrictions, Drainage at Ervan Chew Park, our new Neighborhood identification and Citizen Patrol/Watch signs, Street reconstruction, drainage and sidewalk improvement initiative via 3-1-1.
We set a date for our Spring Membership drive/ Block party, Wednesday, April 18. 6-8pm. Possible location is the 1900 Block of Lexington unless another resident volunteers their driveway/yard. There will be a raffle. Every household that is a 2012 member of the Civic Association will be entered to win. NNO in the fall will be on the 1800 Block of Norfolk.

We heard a report on Graffiti by one of our neighbors working hard to abate graffiti very quickly. Thank you! Your work is really making a difference.

Behind 1857 Richmond there are several shopping carts. We could use a volunteer to drive by with a truck, pick up the carts and drop them in the parking lots of the stores where they belong- they are marked. At least 2 belong to Randall’s. I’ve asked them to come pick them up and they have not. Please let me know if you can help with this.

The city moved forward with drainage improvements to the soccer field at Ervan Chew Park this month. I will send out an update when I receive more information.

A new initiative to work toward seeing our streets, sidewalks and drainage improved will be rolling out soon. We’ll send out more info once the plans are finalized.

I’m posting pics of the new sign toppers in a separate post. Check them out!

Hope you all have a great day.