Recycling Pickup March 2

Richwood Place will have a recycling pickup this Monday, March 2.

The City has changed our schedule from the B week to the A week, so this time we have service two weeks in a row. Then we go back to recycle pickup every second week with the next service on March 16.

Recycling Schedule

3 thoughts on “Recycling Pickup March 2

  1. Are you sure? The City had just changed us to B week barely a month ago! Now we’re back to A? Last time we had a letter from the Mayor’s Office, this time only this e-mail. Please verify that it is for real.

  2. The letter from City of Houston dated Jan. 2, 2015 states that we were Monday B week,and now will be Monday A week. And begins on March 2, 2015. Also, shown on the enclosed herin calendar (highlighted in yellow).
    Glad to have the collection date calendar with holidays, etc.

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