RPCA Membership Dues

The Richwood Place Civic Association  would like to thank all who contributed member dues in 2020. As of December we have had 48 members who paid dues so far this year. We have approximately 250 households in the neighborhood. Normally we collect dues in the Spring (neighborhood party) and Fall (neighborhood night out). Since both were canceled due to Covid 19, we have fewer participants. If you haven’t paid dues could you please submit payment this month. We plan on going to an annual collection starting  March 31, 2021. Hopefully this will make it easier for neighbors to remember. When things return to normal, we can collect unpaid dues either Spring party or the Fall party as a backup. Again, thank you for all who have paid this year and we hope to see everyone next year as things return to normal. Dues Are $50/yr and can be paid online at www.richwoodplace.org or by mailing a check to RPCA, P.O. Box 980262, Houston, TX  77098

Joel Wood

RPCA Treasurer