Shepherd Drive Reconstruction Schedule Announced

The long awaited Shepherd Drive reconstruction is set to begin in a couple of weeks. This work will affect the traffic flow in our neighborhood while the construction is underway. Here is an update from the Upper Kirby District:

Members of the Shepherd Drive Community,

We recently received and approved a construction schedule for the Shepherd Drive project from Harper Brothers. In the next few weeks ill be sharing  via email the locations of work that will occur on Shepherd. Just a reminder , not all of Shepherd will be “worked on” at the same time. The City of Houston limits construction on main thoroughfares to 1000ft increments.

Beginning the second week of March the contractor will be working the northbound lane of Shepherd just north of I59. He will be replacing water lines located under Shepherd Drive lanes through the month of March. The rest of the street improvements will not occur until February of 2022.  

He will also be replacing  Storm lines along the (east of Shepherd Dr only) adjacent streets: Lexington Ave, Norfolk Ave, and Portsmouth Ave.  This work will continue through December.

The lion share of construction work will occur on the northern most section of Shepherd Drive  which is south of Westheimer Street.  He will be working on the northbound lane  from the Westheimer intersection  south to Kipling Street. This work begins in March  and includes  waterlines, storm lines,  telecom  and roadway pavement.  This work is expected to last through June of this year.

Next update I will discuss work beginning in April.