Rogue Car Wash Operation – 2000 Block of Lexington @ Shepherd

Dear Neighbors,

Wanted to alert you to a rogue car wash operation being conducted on the S. side of Lex @ Shepherd (behind 2020 SW FWY a.k.a. The Sullo & Sullo Bldg.). I spoke with the operator of the business (an African American male in his mid 40’s wearing a neon orange safety vest) who informed me that he planned to continuously set up shop at this location. Good luck.

I called HPD’s non-emergency line (713-884-3131) and reported the business activity two separate times over the course of several hours. I was called by Officer Jaquarya, Badge No. 7017, Unit No. 1A38E, who informed me that he would allow the operator to “finish up” on the one car he was currently working on but that was it. After all, he’s operating a business on the public ROW – a direct violation of the C of H Municipal Code, not to mention the area where he is operating is designated a “no parking” zone for good reason. According to Officer Jaquarya, this car wash outfit was contracted by Blackhawk Security (a lessee at 2020 SW FWY) to wash all their patrol cars.

I called Blackhawk Security’s Sr. VP (Bruce @ 713 526-7477) who was less than courteous and I informed him that any more car washing operations on the street will be reported to the police and he could be subject to citation given the fact that he is contracting with the mobile car wash service and is therefore able to exercise control over them.

If anyone sees this pseudo-business in operation on our streets (they tow a water tank on a trailer), I’d appreciate a quick call to HPD non-emergency to report.