Graffiti, working together to solve this growing problem

If you’ve walked or driven through the neighborhood in recent days, you’ve probably noticed it. It’s mostly in the public right-of-way, on city property. It’s on some business signs and doors. It’s on the phone metal boxes owned by at& t, on polls, signs, walls, etc. I hesitate to say it is everywhere, but it is. It’s everywhere. Graffiti.

I can hardly stand it. I’ve called the city countless times. The first step, calling 3-1-1. The city says that in order to prevent graffiti, you must abate graffiti within 24-48 hours. Currently, that is not happening. And, when graffiti is removed, nearby graffiti is ignored.

We are working on a new plan to solve this issue. Please read the below article from the city’s website. And, let the board know if you have any ideas to help us rid Richwood Place of graffiti.

Note: I intentionally left out specifics about the graffiti from this post including the word that is being used most that begins with the letter “r.” I’ve also been in contact with the HPD gang task force asking for their help as well.

An Update regarding new drainage in the soccer field of Ervan Chew Park

As you may recall, we have been working with the city for the last several months to get drainage added to the existing soccer field. As part of the recent updates to the park beginning in 2010, a new concrete walking path now encircles the entire soccer field. On one hand, we have not had to worry about the drainage issue this Summer, as we are in such need of rain, However, we are hopeful there will be rain soon and are still working to get this fixed.
Here is the update I received from the City of Houston this morning:
“We received the bids, we now have all the necessary documents from the successful bidder so we can create a contract. We are going to Council to award the contract in mid-October, after which we can issue the Notice to Proceed for the work to begin.

The drainage project was bid with other projects to insure the best price, and I have spoken to the Project Manager responsible for this to see if we can do the drainage project at Ervan Chew first.”

I will post any further updates as I receive them.